January 2, 2012

03 Jan

So….it was my 38th birthday. I may not have gotten any physical presents, but I did get my favorite things. I didn’t have to cook or wash dishes. What I did get to do was nap and read in peace. These are precious things that I enjoy most. My sister, Mar, will be taking me to my birthday dinner on Friday. She’s also mentioned something about giving me my gift then, which I’m hoping is her taking me to see Wicked!!  I’m going to be sort of disappointed if this is not what it is. However, the other day she mentioned something about craving pizza from Mario Batali’s restaurant in L.A., so that might be the surprise. Either way, I’m grateful for whatever it is. My sisters really spoil me.

So for breakfast/lunch I went to get us In N Out. On the way to pick up the take away, I was thinking that I should start off the year with good eating habits. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll get a Double Double with grilled onions, but no tomato, no spread, and no cheese. Instead of a soda, I will stick to water and no fries.”  Well, that thought only lasted for a bit before I had a second thought. It was my birthday and my last chance to indulge so forget foregoing any yumminess. Therefore, I got the Double Double with grilled onions, with no tomatoes, fries, and a large root beer. I’m happy to report, though, that I couldn’t finish the whole burger and the fries were shared with the kids.

And for dinner…..Domino’s pizza. I got pepperoni and sausage on mine with ranch and jalapeños on the side. Oh, and to drink….Coke. So much yumminess in one day!

In between those two meals, I read. I laid in bed while there was chaos all around me. All four boys were sitting/standing right behind Jas to see him playing his video game. I just laid down and started to read, but only a few pages into it….I fell asleep. After an hour or two I woke up and we ordered the pizza. We ate, then I read some more and watched TV with Jas. I must clarify that the book I was reading had nothing to do with me falling asleep. Meaning that I didn’t asleep because the book was boring. Quite the contrary. This is one of the books that I’ve really enjoyed and laughed out loud with.

The book I’m referring to is Toni Blake’s Sugar Creek, which is book two in Blake’s Destiny series. This is one of the few books that I’ve really enjoyed. I literally laughed out loud at a few places in the book. Rachel’s Grandmother, Edna, was super hilarious. One of my favorite things about this book was the interaction between Rachel and Mike. As well, the family feud wasn’t all that important to anyone….his nor her family seemed to care. As well, I liked that the two main characters didn’t have too much of a hard time giving in to their chemistry and didn’t put up much of a front to hide it from everyone. All in all, I really enjoyed this book.

I’m on this small town kick, so this is one of my favorite one’s so far.

Rachel Farris returned to her childhood home with one mission in mind: get Mike Romo out of her family’s apple orchard business and out of their lives. But hard-nosed and totally hot Mike, who happens to be the law in Destiny, is convinced the Farris clan stole the land from his family fifty years ago and he’s not backing down. Even when shapely trouble shows up in a pair of designer blue jeans. However, neither the hunky cop nor the sexy prodigal hometown girl can anticipate the electricity that heats things up whenever they’re together—adding new sizzle to an ongoing feud that’s raged for generations, and soon putting both their hearts at risk.

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