January 1, 2012

02 Jan

So, the first day of the year has come and gone. Nothing too exciting happened over here. The most exciting event was when I had to clear out our closet because there was a trail of ants that was coming from somewhere in there. If it wasn’t for those ants I’d still have old paperwork and a mess in there. So, in some way, I suppose I’m grateful. What I was not grateful for was the smell of the Raid spray that lingered for a while after. Just when I thought everything was put away and all the ants had met their demise, there was an ant that had gone rogue.

Rogue Ant

So that was how my first day of 2012 ended. As for my reading, well I did manage to finish the book I was reading, which was Stacy Connelly’s Her Fill-In Fiance.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t very entertaining. It was a bit dry and I was just pushing through to finish it. Sophia, the main character, kept talking about how she was an outcast and she never wanted to move back to her hometown. However, she was easily convinced at the end to stay and keep running the Hope Chest. Oh well, NEXT!


This is the summary according to

Sophia Pirelli had long ago turned her back on small-town life—until a stint in the big city left her unemployed and pregnant! Facing her family might be the hardest thing she’s ever done…next to facing the man who’d betrayed her all over again.


At first, Jake Cameron’s fling with Sophia had been strictly business—investigating the pretty housekeeper’s background for her wealthy employer was as routine as it got. But business turned deliciously personal—and incredibly complicated. Now he was determined to win back Sophia’s heart, even if it meant helping her reunite with her family by pretending to be her fiancé! Soon the pretend engagement had Jake wondering if he had what it took to become a family man after all….

Stacy Connelly's Her Fill-In Fiance

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